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Howdy Bloggers, Trade2Affiliate brings you the easy technique of Migration which is always very headache thing for many, but today I will make sure to you all the best easy ways of WordPress migration to WPEngine.

Also Trade2Affiliate would like to thank you for subscribing and sending me meaning full tips about trade as well as affiliate stuffs. I would glad to confirm that because of you guys I am inspired to blog my experience.

For that reason only, today I am on the way to boost up my traffic source i.e. the traffic host publication. Let me brief you that from today onward, Trade2Affiliate has been lunched through wpengine .Now you must be anxious to know about this.

WPEngine or WPE is a hosting platform which enhance your website traffic to limited strategy point based on your need. Here I am going to elaborate you step by step how your WordPress site can be migrated to WPE in just few minutes.


4 Best Online Ad Networks



Hello guys, In this chapter I am going to take you into some spontaneous and popular Ad networks globally. These are the 4 Best online Ad networks which personally I used and currently making profit out of them.

  1. Nativeads.com
  2. 7 Search.com
  3. Propellerads.com
  4. Directcpv.com

Now you all guys must be thinking about how to use them. I will let you know the minimum investment required for each networks which is the basic need to run your advertisement. Many Affiliate networks also there for publishers who wants to promote profitable products revenue.

Next thing is a healthy campaign which this networks do once you fund your Ads.


Forex Trading Step by Step: –

1st Step: – 

Go for www.nseindia.com



This is the home page which looks like above image. Then click on “LIVE MARKET” button shown at the left corner taskbar.



Then click the “Currency Derivatives” from the drop down menu. You will get the below page.



Now in the above image you can see one tabular form is there where you can get all dates with currency categories like “USDINR 270716”. Now you have to understand this “USDINR 270716” phrase. This means you are going to trade in US Dollar to Indian Rupees for the Expiry period of 27th July 2016.

USDINR is trade category.. 27 is the Date.. 07 is the Month.. 16 is the current Year.. So “USDINR 270716” means You can do trade on USDINR till the expiry date i.e. 27th July 2016. I hope its clear..


Trading Online Strategies!!



Trade2Affiliate always brief the subject which is practically updated by itself, not the bluff.

Before going for online trading, first you must & should know the basic thumb rules. This you may observe in all the articles related to Trade2Affiliate section.

  • Any type of Trading is required some basic ideas means common logic we use in daily life.
  • Trading is a mathematics and not assumption.
  • Like all business or job work, it is also it’s own tactic and procedure and methods.
  • Trading needs discipline and passion.
  • Always Keep in mind that Trading is not Gamble. You can not win by gambling but can by proper statistical method.
  • You need to have the trading licence and other sales tax registration formality so that legally also you will be safe.


What Is Trade??



Trade Definition!

Trade is nothing but a economical phenomenon of buying & selling process. This is the simple definition which being carried out by Trade2Affiliate we can say. But this does have one discipline and authentic method.

Otherwise It’s been seen that Trading can raise you ahead of the world and can pull down to road also.

Therefore we have to understand first the theory of Trading then Practical.

Trade Theory:

Trade2Affiliate is based on purely trade and affiliate facts. So before proceeding further you should know the basic of trade & affiliate works.

Trading is defined by a person doing transaction of any type specific product or currency directly or indirectly.

This can be organised by certain dealers who are authorized by that country norms & regulations to do so. You have to also registered under sales tax act with respect to the concerned country law.

Trading between two traders are called bilateral trading and between multiple traders are called multilateral.


Trade Online steps!!



First thing you have to see what is trade? Then you have to proceed for online trading strategies. These are the basic knowledge you should have before jump up to online trading. Trade online is a mathematical term of doing financial transaction.

Let’s see the types of online trading you can do.


What is Forex Trading?



Forex is meant as Foreign Exchange. In brief if you see, in our day to day life we are trading in many things like grocery items, vegetables, stationary items, etc. For all these type buying we pay some money to seller. That’s called trading. Now we will see what is forex trading.

In this trading we use our national currency e.g. INR, USD, EURO, POUND, RIAL, etc. for their respective nation. This is only nation part you saw. Just think when we do international trade with other countries, there we opt in to Forex trading.


Share Market trading Brief!!



Share market trading is a very old and popular and success trade around the world. Earlier stages trading was done by offline as there were no internet.

Now-a-days the world itself is digital world and hence all the marketing process are called digital marketing. Thus in this digital world, everyone does the share market trading through online only.


Commercial Trading Facts!!



Commercial trading is the most popular and viral business all over the world.

Today’s era is the commercial trade or E-commerce trade. There is not much difference between these two crazy words, but only the method we are using.

Like we can say commercial is the offline trade and E-commerce means Electronic or online trade. So now we will see how to execute e-commerce trading.


Affiliate Networks List!!



Affiliate Networks are viral and spreaded all over the world. Many networks or agencies are available. We may say them advertiser also.

Because of them only we get our earning. So they are the prime source for us.

Affiliate networks defines as the media between Affiliates or publisher and Merchant programmers. Some of the affiliates are being mentioned below for your reference.

  • Google
  • Bing
  • ClickBank
  • Linkshare
  • Shareasale
  • WPEngine


10 Ways how Digital marketing work?



In simple words, Digital marketing is a marketing process by internet medium. There are many steps through which we can simplify our marketing steps easier. From many options, I have extracted 10 most popular easy way for doing internet marketing or digital marketing.

1) Search Engine Optimization or SEO

2) Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

3) Campaign Marketing

4) e-Commerce Marketing

5) Advertisement Marketing

6) Email Marketing

7) Social Media marketing

8) Content Marketing

9) e-Book Marketing

10) Visual Marketing


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